Betting on table tennis

Recently, the options to bet on table tennis matches are offered more and more by the bookmakers. For sure, it is far more interesting to watch the matches from the World Cup, if you have made some predictions and bets for the winner of a match or the whole tournament. Furthermore, the bookmakers offer several other interesting betting options like how many points will be scored in a match and who of both players will be the winner with a given initial handicap of games for the weaker player.

Here are the betting odds before today’s quarter-finals of the World Cup:

WANG Hao 1.13 – MIZUTANI Jun 5.5
Ma Long 1.30 – Ma Lin 3.2
ZHANG Jike 1.4 – WANG Liqin 2.75
BOLL Timo 1.45 – CHEN Qi 2.6

In other words, if one believe that Ma Lin will win for every 10 Euro the winning will be 32. For the same amount of money if the bet is made for Ma Long and he won the winning would be 13 Euro.

There are also other possible bets until the end of the World Cup – the final in women doubles, the women and men semifinals and so on.

Of course, the opportunities to bet on table tennis are not limited only to the World Cup. The biggest bookmakers regularly offer various matches on which to bet – such as the tournament from the Pro Tour, the matches from some of the biggest championships of Europe and Asia and others.

Apart from the pure financial point of view, to make betting predictions on table tennis is giving additional adrenaline while watching the matches. Especially when we talk for matches from the World Cup.