Jose’s Bus

In the past few weeks a lot of people talked about the tactics used by Jose Mourinho in his most important matches this season. The common opinion was that he parked the bus of front of the goal and did everything possible to kill the beauty of the offensive football. There were even a few jokes that the bus should be part of Chelsea’s emblem.

However, we must not forget that with exactly this tactic he achieved the best results in the history of Inter. It is not easy to win the Italian Seria A. When he made a treble with this team everyone said he was the greatest talent among all active managers in the world. Then he moved to La Liga. There in the same arrogant and ugly style he crushed his rivals. Some even believe that he started the downfall of Barcelona. In these days everyone praised the Special One.

Jose MourinhoNow, however, when his tactics did not work, probably for the first time at such high level he is being torn with criticism. What If the result was different???

If the match had ended 1-0 for Chelsea. Then we would hear different words. What if he had not lost one of the three matches against Crystal Palace, Aston Villa or Sunderland. Then he would be the sole leader in the Premier League. Again we would hear how good tactician he is. How strong motivator he is. How he sees the game differently than others.

There is one thing for sure. Whatever the Portuguese specialist make, he will always remain unreservedly in the hearts of the fans in the teams he led. Very few can achieve that.

Jose’s Bus is an enigma solved only by Diego Simeone so far. Jose’s Bus is why he is highly loved and much hated, lauded and denied.