Alternative football bets

Football as sport offers great number of betting opportunities. This is especially true when it comes to the proposals offered by the largest online bookmakers. However, the statistics show that even with this huge number of offered bets most of the players bet mostly on the standard types of bets such the winner of the match, over or under 2.5 goals scored in the match by both teams and bet for the winner with Draw no bet. It is quite strange, not to say something harder.

Thanks to the competition between the bookmakers, today we can bet on almost everything and this fact gives us a much greater chance for betting success. This is because we are able to focus on only one of the bookmakers’ proposals and to find exactly that one in which we are best. It is obvious that, it could be quite difficult for one to predict whether a team will win the game or no, but it is completely different story to bet on whether the same team will concede or not a goal in the first half.

There are dozens of such bets and some good knowledge of each of them can give us much more opportunities for profitable betting predictions for football matches. Moreover, today Internet is full with websites like where are offered analysis and statistical information on virtually any type of football bet.

So, with few words. Our advice to all those who want to be profitable from sport and football betting – Do not limit yourself to the main bets that bookmakers offer. Experiment and try your opportunities in different types of bets. Thus you will find the kind of bets you are best in and you can more quickly reach the moment you confidently say that you are one of the few who profit from sports betting and football predictions.

But when we talk about tips leading to profits from football betting, here are some useful articles from the . If you read carefully the idea of ​​opening your type of bets that you will have the best success and with needed discipline and proper money management just like the people in quora said you surely sooner or later will get what you need – your betting profit.

Jose’s Bus

In the past few weeks a lot of people talked about the tactics used by Jose Mourinho in his most important matches this season. The common opinion was that he parked the bus of front of the goal and did everything possible to kill the beauty of the offensive football. There were even a few jokes that the bus should be part of Chelsea’s emblem.

However, we must not forget that with exactly this tactic he achieved the best results in the history of Inter. It is not easy to win the Italian Seria A. When he made a treble with this team everyone said he was the greatest talent among all active managers in the world. Then he moved to La Liga. There in the same arrogant and ugly style he crushed his rivals. Some even believe that he started the downfall of Barcelona. In these days everyone praised the Special One.

Jose MourinhoNow, however, when his tactics did not work, probably for the first time at such high level he is being torn with criticism. What If the result was different???

If the match had ended 1-0 for Chelsea. Then we would hear different words. What if he had not lost one of the three matches against Crystal Palace, Aston Villa or Sunderland. Then he would be the sole leader in the Premier League. Again we would hear how good tactician he is. How strong motivator he is. How he sees the game differently than others.

There is one thing for sure. Whatever the Portuguese specialist make, he will always remain unreservedly in the hearts of the fans in the teams he led. Very few can achieve that.

Jose’s Bus is an enigma solved only by Diego Simeone so far. Jose’s Bus is why he is highly loved and much hated, lauded and denied.

Less goals in the match between West Ham and Swansea

West Ham welcomes Swansea in a match which could be considered as a crucial one for both teams in their battle to remain in the Premier League. The fight for the last places in the standing is really fierce as ten teams have chances to finish in the relegation zone. Currently, West Ham holds the 18th place, while Swansea is on the 11th place with five points more. A potential home win in this match would bring the host closer to the salvation. However, an possible away win will make an eight points gap between these two, something which would be fatal for West Ham.

It should be noted that with Andy Carroll’s return West Ham is much more able to play in the Sam Allardyce most beloved way – to play a tight, defensive game and dump the high balls forward. Exactly this is what we saw in the last match in which the Hammers ended to a goalless draw away to Chelsea. However, six losses in their last ten matches for sure made their effect over the confidence of the players and hardly anyone expects some kind of miracles from the home team on Saturday afternoon.

The players of Michael Laudrup also perform quite poorly this season. With only nine points from a possible 30 in their last ten matches it won’t be a huge surprise if at the end of the season Swansea be among the teams in the relegation zone. This year the biggest problem for the Welsh is the realization of goals. So far, the team has managed to score just eight goals in their away matches.

Last year Michu’s goals brought Swansea to the top positions, but in this season he just don’t score enough and this affects Swansea results. West Ham is also not among the most effective teams in the league and the miss of Andy Carroll just two feet away from the net of Peter Cech in the last match showed that it would be really difficult something to be changed from now on.

Thus, the importance of the match, the fact that both teams needs these three points plus the bad weather which is expected over the UK this weekend makes a bet on under 2.5 goals in the match more likely. The proposal of bet365 for this bet is 1.85, which is more than good. However, the highest odds available for such bet is with 12BET – 1.93.

Betting on table tennis

Recently, the options to bet on table tennis matches are offered more and more by the bookmakers. For sure, it is far more interesting to watch the matches from the World Cup, if you have made some predictions and bets for the winner of a match or the whole tournament. Furthermore, the bookmakers offer several other interesting betting options like how many points will be scored in a match and who of both players will be the winner with a given initial handicap of games for the weaker player.

Here are the betting odds before today’s quarter-finals of the World Cup:

WANG Hao 1.13 – MIZUTANI Jun 5.5
Ma Long 1.30 – Ma Lin 3.2
ZHANG Jike 1.4 – WANG Liqin 2.75
BOLL Timo 1.45 – CHEN Qi 2.6

In other words, if one believe that Ma Lin will win for every 10 Euro the winning will be 32. For the same amount of money if the bet is made for Ma Long and he won the winning would be 13 Euro.

There are also other possible bets until the end of the World Cup – the final in women doubles, the women and men semifinals and so on.

Of course, the opportunities to bet on table tennis are not limited only to the World Cup. The biggest bookmakers regularly offer various matches on which to bet – such as the tournament from the Pro Tour, the matches from some of the biggest championships of Europe and Asia and others.

Apart from the pure financial point of view, to make betting predictions on table tennis is giving additional adrenaline while watching the matches. Especially when we talk for matches from the World Cup.